Atypical. This is perhaps the word that best describes the course of Julien Laurence's career. After 20 years on the run, this passionate artist strays sometimes, but never get lost.

Whether a street musician or singer studio, Julien's music knows no boundaries and inevitably finds its way across the world. For 10 years , he has travelled and performed, mainly in Europe (Prague, Sevilla) but also Africa (Dakar) and India. It is as if the need for exciting new encounters continually drives him forward, and it's on stage that this need is truly satisfied. Bands, concerts, supporting acts like MPeople , Keziah Jones, FFF, Mori Kante are his fuel.

In 2004, he made his breakthrough with the talent TV show 'Nouvelle Star' in Paris. As a finalist, he was spotted by Phil Collins who asked him to work for Disney on « Tarzan II : The Legend Begins » (Walt Disney) and subsequently produced Julien's first single « Tout nous rappelle » (Universal Publishing). Always evolving, changing, developing, the artist shared the stage with other artists too.. He has been involved in some truly amazing projects with whom he has been touring with through Switzerland, France and Canada. But now, the time has come for Julien Laurence to rise, like a phoenix and show his true colours! « Arms Wide Open » is the title of his first solo album.






Music video "We Gotta Get On" - CD "Arms Wide Open"

Music video "I keep Calling" - CD "Arms Wide Open"







Written and composed by Julien Laurence - Produced by Tom Nichols

In this Julien's first solo album (recorded and mixed everywhere from New York to LA) one can hear thirteen incredibly rich and deeply emotional stories. The songs all come from the heart, and are a sincere look at his life and the world that touches him. It's as if the music was the soundtrack to a road movie of the singer's life, where images catch and hold the listener from the very first notes.
« Jane » or « Hurt » tell of moments lived, sometimes desperate and tragic, but never immerse us into complete darkness. Overall, this is a bright and hopeful album! « We Gotta Get On » is aspirational while subtly condemning the capitalism around us.. One hears an honest hope to change things and rise to a better world whilst Skilfully side-stepping the easy shot - it's thought-provoking and sincere.. With tunes like the ''hooky'' « The Bridge » or the sensual « Beautiful Tonight », Julien proves he also knows how to seduce with simplicity whilst composing for the stadium fans that he will surely win with this record. It took him two years to write, compose and record these 13 original songs, which find by their singularity and their place in the personal history of his own life. Julien Laurence has given us a record of true authenticity and with this new album, it is undoubtedly, with « Arms Wide Open » that he is inviting us to share his vision! As the great George Michael once said, Listen Without Prejudice!!!

  Tracklist :



01 - I keep calling

02 - Beautiful tonight

03 - Jane

04 - The bridge

05 - We gotta get on

06 - Virtual grace

07 - The wall

08 - Obviously

09 - Second chance

10 - Somebody stole my heart

11 - Hurt

12 - Say goodbye

13 - I wish you love

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